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    1. To facilitate that kind of shift, connected-vehicle leaders in automotive organizations need to partner with existing ecosystems like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that can simplify access to and integration of general mobile applications into the vehicle.
      In Why your car will be connected to the Internet by 2020?
    2. As with all of our products, CarPlay is built from the ground up to protect your privacy using the same industry-leading safeguards already at work on iPhone.
      In INSIGHT-Carmakers to tech partners: Keep your hands off our data
    3. OEMs need to support all of these technologies worldwide: Google's automotive app is not active in China, Apple's CarPlay runs with a SIRI interface, but SIRI does not support all languages worldwide, and MirrorLink does not work in every country, even though cars are sold worldwide.
      In How does the connected car fit into the Internet of many things?