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Clifford Atiyeh

While Cliff is into cars, he is a writer first. He is currently a Senior Editor for Car and Driver, and has written for The Boston Globe, MSN, Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, Boston Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Find him on Twitter @CliffordAtiyeh.





Jim Motavalli

A freelance journalist, author, and speaker, Jim specializes in the greening of the auto industry, sustainable trends in business, and renewable energy. He also contributes to the New York Times, Car Talk at NPR, Mother Nature Network, and Find him on Twitter @jmotavalli.





Doug Newcomb

Doug has been covering car technology as a journalist for more than 25 years and test drives more than 50 cars a year. He has written for Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, and MSN Autos, and coproduced his own event, the Connected Car Conference (C3), as part of CE Week in New York City. Find him on Twitter @DougNewcomb.




Nicole Wakelin

Nicole is as freelance journalist covering automotive news and reviewing vehicles for a variety of sites including BestRide, Boldride, and CarGurus. She is also Director of Automotive Content at She Buys Cars and a Senior Editor at GeekMom. Find her on Twitter @NicoleWakelin.





Lynn Walford

Lynn is a freelance journalist/editor covering automotive, breaking technology, connected cars, and business for publications including Investor's Business Daily, L.A.Times, Wireless Week, and IDG since 1990. She is also the editor of AUTO Connected Car. Find her on Twitter @MobiWriter.





Neil Winton

As a former European automotive correspondent for Reuters, Neil has reported on the auto industry for almost 40 years. He covers Europe’s car manufacturers, their business, tech, and products for Forbes and the Detroit News.