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    1. Elektrobit Wants to Ramp Up Autonomous Driving with robinos

      Automotive technology is evolving more rapidly than ever. But compared to the overall tech world, innovations still materialize in production vehicles at a snail’s pace since carmakers are impeded by three- to four-year product cycles. Self-driving technology is also moving more quickly than anyone ever imagined. 

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    2. The Future of Connected Car Vehicle-to-Everything with Savari, Inc.

      Savari, Inc. is at the crossroads of connected car deployment with hardware and software to enable Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Vehicle-to-Phone/Pedestrian (V2P) and Vehicle to just about everything (V2X). Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari talked to Automotive IT News about the future of smart cities and connected cars using V2X.

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    3. Subaru to SiriusXM Subscribers: Stop Listening to Comedy

      If Subaru drivers switch off the car when listening to SiriusXM Comedy, the station is gone upon restart. Instead, it's automatically redirected to #001, a teaser preview. It appears that Subaru has set itself up as a censor of blue material, since obscenity-spewing Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin—not to mention Howard Stern—get time on the comedy channels.

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    4. Bridgestone’s Bid to Recharge Auto Service: Virtual Vehicle and Tablets for the Kids

      Stu Crum is the hard-charging president of Bridgestone Retail Operations, which includes 2,200 Firestone stores. While Bridgestone-owned Firestone is one of the oldest names in American auto-related retailing (Harvey Firestone was a friend of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford), it’s often misidentified as a mere vendor of tires—when in fact its stores offer oil changes, brake jobs and other servicing.

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    5. Paris’ Virtuo Targets Impatient Airport and Train Station Car Renters with a Phone-Based Service

      It’s all about speed and convenience. When it comes to sharing cars, nearly every model uses smartphone apps to book the ride, unlock the car, and pay, too. From Zipcar and Uber to local urban sharing systems, the selling point is replacing the old-school rental and taxi systems that involve lines and/or waiting around.

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    6. Can Electric Vehicles Make Automakers Any Money?

      It’s an interesting time in the automotive world with new technologies continually changing the landscape. More autonomous features are working their ways into our cars each year with the promise of fully autonomous cars in our future. Electric vehicles are also gaining prominence, but not everyone is convinced there’s any money to be made from EVs.

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    7. Reducing Sky-High Pedestrian Fatality Rates in LA—With an Artist’s Sound Installations

      Just a week ago, a juvenile driver (later taken into custody) hit and seriously injured two pedestrians in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reported that, according to witnesses, “The driver yelled at the victims and made an obscene gesture with one hand before fleeing the scene.”

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    8. Why a Ghost Town is the Perfect Place for Autonomous Car Testing

      Autonomous cars are testing on public roads around the world, but that’s only a small part of the testing process. Much of the research and development is being done in mock cities with carefully setup streets that mimic the real world. Honda has taken another angle, using an abandoned town to test its autonomous vehicles.

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    9. A Bright Future for Self Driving and Auto Electronics

      DEARBORN, MICHIGAN—It’s a good time to be an electrical engineer for auto companies. At the 2016 Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum, sponsored by Mentor Graphics June 1 at the Ford Conference Center in Dearborn, speakers focused on the revolution that is making tomorrow’s car—connected, smart and probably self-driving—a showcase for their technology.

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    10. NXP’s Plans to Make License Plates and Cities Smarter with RFID Technology

      License plates are required on all cars worldwide. But in an age when conventional vehicle parts from radios to rearview are becoming smarter and connected, the standard-issue metal license plate is still just a dumb, thin piece of metal. But that could change with the easy and inexpensive application of RFID tagging technology to license plates that chipmaker NXP showed

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    11. Google’s Glue Car, and Other Approaches to Pedestrian Safety

      As we wait for self-driving cars, which offer the promise of delivering 100 percent auto safety, the carnage on the highway continues. Most people know about the 32,000 deaths annually, but maybe not that fatalities have been spiking recently. And fewer still know about pedestrian accidents, which killed 4,735 Americans in 2013 (and approximately 270,000 people internationally).

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    12. Google Patents Human Flypaper to Protect Pedestrians from Self-Driving Cars

      Despite the promise that self-driving cars will prevent accidents, they’re not going to end them completely. Humans, especially, are unpredictable creatures and it stands to reason that pedestrians will on occasion do things that can’t be predicted or avoided. Google recognizes this issue and has patented what amounts to human flypaper for coating the fronts of cars to reduce injuries during a crash.

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    13. Waze Enables California Carpooling—and Repeats History

      Its only logical. Waze, the popular navigation service that Google paid $1 billion for in 2013, has long been about building a community. Its traffic information, as well as up-to-date information on radar traps and obstacles on the road, is crowd sourced. The next step, says Waze, is using its network for car pooling. It’s been doing just that quietly for its own employees, and

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    14. Is Gesture Control the Next Big Thing? Probably Not.

      Volkswagen showed a version of gesture control it could take to market on the e-Golf at this year’s CES, but the 2016 BMW 7-Series already offers this important pitch-and-swipe technology as part of the Connected Drive operating system. The driver can accept an incoming call with a gesture (pointing finger) or decline it (a wave), turn the volume up (a swirling motion).  A two-finger motion can be programmed to do a variety of tasks.

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    15. How MIT Uses Rubber Ducks to Create Low-Cost Autonomous Car Technology

      What do rubber ducks and self-driving cars have to do with one another? At MIT, the combination could one day lead to low-cost autonomous vehicles by aiding in their development. The two seemingly disparate elements are being combined for a course at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) that includes a diminutive test track

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    16. GM Commercial Link Unlocks New Telematics Service

      On April 1, GM launched a new telematics service, GM Commercial Link that uses OnStar technology in 2015 model year or newer vehicles. The development process of the service from idea to final launch took only 18 months. Automotive IT News talked with Chris Rauser, Commercial Link senior product manager, who demonstrated how the user interface meets the telematics needs of small businesses.

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    17. OSVehicle: The Crowd-Sourced Platform Car (and it’s Electric)

      It’s surprising how little automakers are making use of crowd sourcing, but it makes sense once you realize how closely they guard their intellectual property—especially from competitors. A recent trend has been some open platforms for web developers to create apps. But crowd sourcing the whole car?

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