1. Every BMW to join Internet of Things with Connected Drive

    Every BMW to join Internet of Things with Connected Drive

    BMW is using SIM card-based Connected Drive technology to integrate all of its new cars into the Internet of Things and enable remote software updates. Currently, the technology pairs a car to an owner’s smartphone to communicate with other connected devices, but BMW plans to directly pair its cars with other devices, such as an owner's house and heating system, to offer a wide range of intelligent connected services.

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    1. All UK cars have a SIM card built into them, so that's enabling every car to be connected.
    2. You can see if your smoke alarm has gone off because you'll get a notification in the car, or you can see if there's a water leak and then speak to whoever's in the house to find out what's going on.
    3. The car can learn where you go and what sort of times you travel, and make moving from the house to the car a seamless transition.
    4. One of the best things for drivers with online services is that we can keep enabling new features for their car.
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