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    1. How MIT Uses Rubber Ducks to Create Low-Cost Autonomous Car Technology

      What do rubber ducks and self-driving cars have to do with one another? At MIT, the combination could one day lead to low-cost autonomous vehicles by aiding in their development. The two seemingly disparate elements are being combined for a course at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) that includes a diminutive test track

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    2. Consumer Watchdog Says NHTSA Must Protect Safety, Require Steering Wheel, Driver In Robot Car Guidelines

      Consumer Watchdog Says NHTSA Must Protect Safety, Require Steering Wheel, Driver In Robot Car Guidelines

      Consumer Watchdog today called on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require a steering wheel, brake and accelerator so a human driver can take control of a self-driving robot car when safety demands it in the guidelines it is developing on automated vehicle technology. To dramatize the point, Consumer Watchdog’s John M. Simpson gave executives from Google’s self-driving car project a steering wheel. 

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    3. US Govt report looks at auto hacking

      US Govt report looks at auto hacking

      Auto hacking is a topic that will always get a place at the various hackers conferences around the world. Despite proven hacks going back several years parts of the auto industry are still in denial about the seriousness and severity of the problem. After several high profile proof of concept hacks last year, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) commissioned a report 

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    4. Ford and Google Team Up to Support Driverless Cars

      DETROIT — In an unusual alliance between a traditional automaker and a technology company, Ford Motor and Google on Wednesday joined to lead a coalition of companies that advocate federal approval of driverless cars in the near future. By teaming up to promote regulations that favor fully-autonomous vehicles, Ford and Google may be moving toward closer cooperation on the actual development of driverless models.

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    5. NYC, Tampa & I-80 will be smarter cities with connected car CV Pilot

      Wouldn’t it be nice if all kinds of transportation could get along and communicate? Pedestrians could talk to cars and smartphones could talk to each other warning of traffic or dangers. Vehicles could communicate with the city making it smart. The technology necessary for communication in smart cities is being deployed in pilot programs. Savari and and Autotalks are working together to provide smart city V2X communication solutions.

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    6. GM Commercial Link Unlocks New Telematics Service

      On April 1, GM launched a new telematics service, GM Commercial Link that uses OnStar technology in 2015 model year or newer vehicles. The development process of the service from idea to final launch took only 18 months. Automotive IT News talked with Chris Rauser, Commercial Link senior product manager, who demonstrated how the user interface meets the telematics needs of small businesses.

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    7. Watch Nvidia's Autonomous Car Drive Through Snow And Winding Roads

      Watch Nvidia's Autonomous Car Drive Through Snow And Winding Roads

      It's rare that we get extended footage of autonomous cars driving in a a series of situations. Nvidia, the technology company that makes graphics cards and computers for autonomous car development, published a paper detailing a new system of deep learning that teaches itself how to drive with "minimum training data from humans." The paper also included video footage, of which we are pleased to present the highlights.

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