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    1. The Backstory of Cadillac’s New Massage Chairs

      The Backstory of Cadillac’s New Massage Chairs

      DETROIT – No time today to make it to the spa or schedule a visit with the massage therapist, no problem. On two 2015 models, Cadillac is offering front driver and passenger seats that can knead, roll and relax your back as you drive. An anti-fatigue option is also offered for the driver. The 22-way adjustable heated and ventilated seats now have a luxury option with a massage seat that works in the upper shoulder area, back lumbar or cushion.

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    2. Tesla says it’s in talks with BMW over batteries, parts

      Tesla says it’s in talks with BMW over batteries, parts

      A major collaboration could be coming between Tesla TSLA and BMW, CEO Elon Musk told German Magazine Der Spiegel recently.

      “We are talking about whether we can collaborate in battery technology, or charging stations,” Musk was quoted as saying in the interview, according to Reuters. He also told the magazine that he thinks Tesla will have a battery plant in Germany in 5-6 years.

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    3. CAR interviews Porsche R&D boss Dr Wolfgang Hatz

      CAR interviews Porsche R&D boss Dr Wolfgang Hatz

      As you’ve probably read in our spy shot story about development plans for the current 911, every mainstream version of this legendary sports car is due to get a turbocharged engine in 2015. This is great news for efficiency – and torque – but has implications for driver involvement, in the way the power is delivered, engine response and engine noise. We’re pleased to report that a few minutes with Porsche’s board member in charge of research and design,

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    4. Apio Systems: Innovative New Safety Tech

      Apio Systems: Innovative New Safety Tech

      15-person company called in Crystal City, Virginia, announced that it had raised $5 million in funding. Apio’s founder, Sascha Simon, spent nearly a decade at Mercedes-Benz, including as head of its Advanced Planning Group, the same unit that launched Mercedes’s connected car system. But in 2012, Simon began thinking the technologies he was developing could live outside of Mercedes and every other car maker, so he left.

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    5. Ford Announces App Pursuit Hackathon Winner at 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Connected Car Expo | Ford Media Center

      Ford Announces App Pursuit Hackathon Winner at 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Connected Car Expo | Ford Media Center

      Ford is announcing FuelSignal as the grand prize winner in the automaker-sponsored app developer hackathon in conjunction with the Connected Car Expo at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Team FuelSignal leveraged Ford’s SYNC® AppLink™ and data from the City of Los Angeles to create an innovative app allowing users to sign up and receive discounted gas prices and earn loyalty credits for use at gas stations

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    6. Connecting Your Car With Aftermarket Accessories, How to Choose?

      Those not driving a connected car are likely beginning to feel a little left behind. I include myself in this lot because my 2010 has not a bit of connectivity and is feeling more outdated by the day. There are plenty of aftermarket options that can make a car connected, but you have to wonder which ones are worth the cost.

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    7. Honda wants to help developers build better Android Auto apps

      Honda wants to help developers build better Android Auto apps

      With the impending release of Google's Android Auto in-car app-mirroring software, smartphone app developers will gain the tools to become automotive app developers, as well. But what's good for the goose isn't always what's good for the gander; and Honda Motor Co. predicts that some of these developers will need help building apps that are useful, safe, and appropriate for use behind the wheel. On the eve of the 2014 LA Auto Show, the automaker has announced the opening of its Honda Developer Studio to do just that.

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    8. KPMG: Convergence Of Consumer & Auto Technologies, Rise Of

      Mobility Services, Transforming The Auto Industry And Way We Live Our Lives KPMG’s “Me, My Car, My Life” examines the dramatic changes in the automotive ecosystem and the impact on automakers Competition will be more intense, the bets automakers have to make will be bigger, faster, riskier, and fraught with complexity. There will be winners and losers.

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