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    1. Cars That Talk Need Wireless That Works

      Cars That Talk Need Wireless That Works

      At two recent auto events the hyped vision of communicative cars came up against a hard reality: the spottiness of wireless technology. During the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, held at Detroit's Cobo Hall last month, the Wi-Fi system died just as I was trying to send my editor a description of a presentation on real-time, car-to-car communication. 

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    2. Single IC controls entire LED matrix headlight

      Single IC controls entire LED matrix headlight

      Adaptive matrix LED headlights are one of the innovations in the automotive industry that clearly improve driving safety. However, cost is an obstacle to adoption in more affordable vehicle classes. Texas Instruments (TI) now has introduced a LED matrix manager that integrates these functions on a single chip, shattering the price barrier to the lower end.

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    3. VIDEO: Cisco Systems Inc., IoT, and the Connected Car

      I had the pleasure of chatting with Andreas Mai, Cisco's director of smart connected vehicles, at the recent Connected Car Conference in New York City. In this video, he talks about what is needed to achieve the much-hyped benefits of the Internet of Things, and actually quantifies the benefits to society for each connected car on the road.

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    4. When the steering wheel is a computer

      When the steering wheel is a computer

      One of the most demanding disciplines in motor sports is, besides formula one, the World Endurance Championship (WEC) - a series of eight races of which the 24 hours of Le Mans probably are the best known. In this race, so-called Le Mans Prototypes compete against each other through driving skills, engine power, and an impressive amount of electronic controls. Porsche is one of the contestants - and the steering wheel helps gives their vehicles the decisive edge.

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    5. Reflections on autonomy and anonymity (of cars and people)

      Reflections on autonomy and anonymity (of cars and people)

      It isn’t much of a leap to see that connecting your car to the cloud could generate big data about your daily routine... I’ve written previously on the not-too-distant emergence of autonomous cars in widespread use, as well as the high revenues at stake. The range of issues to be solved is daunting, and adding privacy to the heap isn’t likely to be a deciding factor.

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