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    1. VW, BMW Plan EV Fast-Charging Networks On West, East Coasts

      German automotive giants Volkswagen and BMW said they plan to set up fast-charging networks in the U.S. for electric cars on the East and West coast.

      In a statement released at the 2015 Washington Auto Show, Volkswagen of America and BMW said they will install nearly 100 DC fast chargers to support long distance and metropolitan electric vehicle travel.

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    2. How Many Chevy Bolts Does It Take To Disrupt a Tesla?

      How Many Chevy Bolts Does It Take To Disrupt a Tesla?

      It is highly unlikely that a mass market push for EVs is possible in the near future. It may be more likely if gas prices rise again in the near future. So considering these things, it is highly unlikely that Chevrolet’s Bolt will add to GM’s unit sales by a significant amount. It may even be that they cannibalize sales for the Chevrolet Volt in the near future.

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    3. Harman Buys Symphony Teleca For At Least $780M And Red Bend For $170M

      Harman Buys Symphony Teleca For At Least $780M And Red Bend For $170M

      Harman, one of the world’s largest audio companies with brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity and many others under its wing, is now investing big in the technology and networking that goes into delivering data wirelessly. Today, the company announced two acquisitions that collectively put a dent of at least $1 billion in its coffers, but also position it to move aggressively into over-the-air service delivery to wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, cars and the connected home.

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    4. Toyota Leads Scientific Scramble To Meet CAFE Rules, Patent Report Shows

      The world’s auto manufacturers are racing against time to transform the fuel consumption of their vehicles to meet harsh government rules, and, led by Toyota of Japan, are filing thousands of scientific patents to find ways to accomplish this, according to a report from Thomson Reuters.

      Not only is this hugely expensive, but if the auto companies fail, they face huge financial penalties too.

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    5. Telekom Austria Signs Connected Car Deal with Porsche

      Telekom Austria Signs Connected Car Deal with Porsche

      Telekom Austria Group has teamed up with Porsche Holding Salzburg to develop connected car solutions. The two companies said their main objective is to “drive innovation” and offer customers services and applications at affordable prices. A key focus of the partnership is DiBOX, a digital platform that Telekom Austria and Porshce plan to open up to third parties.

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    6. Ford Makes Major Push into Silicon Valley

      Ford Makes Major Push into Silicon Valley

      Ford Motor said Thursday that it is opening a research & development center in Silicon Valley. It's the biggest push yet by a Detroit automaker into the nation's high-tech capital.

      The field of automotive engineering is becoming very competitive as automobiles become more complex and reliant on computers. Automakers are vying, more than ever, for top technical talent

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    7. For Electric Car Buyers, ChargePoint Launches a Home Unit and a Mobile App

      ChargePoint operates the largest electric vehicle charging network in the world, with more than 20,000 public locations, but until now it has never offered a 240-volt charger for the home. That unit, ChargePoint Home, on display at CES, will be offered in only one version—Wi-Fi-connected, giving the owner lots of flexibility and remote data-checking and start capability. 

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    8. Google's Self-Driving Car Pals Revealed

      Google's Self-Driving Car Pals Revealed

      Google took the unusual step last week of identifying key technology partners in the development of its new prototype self-driving car. Speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, project director Chris Urmson named Continental, Roush, Bosch, ZFLS, RCO, FRIMO, Prefix, and LG as companies that had helped to build the pod-like vehicle.

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    9. Technology Puts Consumers in the Driver's Seat with Connected Cars

      Technology Puts Consumers in the Driver's Seat with Connected Cars

      An overwhelming majority of connected drivers (approximately nine in 10) are satisfied with their drivable tech. Our recent survey covered six connected features, and about 90% of the respondents said they’re at least somewhat satisfied with each feature. Consumers’ satisfaction with their connected cars likely stems from the degree of tech personalization that automakers have developed

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