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    1. Fiat Chrysler U.S. to recall vehicles to prevent hacking

      Fiat Chrysler U.S. to recall vehicles to prevent hacking

      The announcement on Friday by FCA US LLC, formerly Chrysler Group LLC, was made after cybersecurity researchers used the Internet to turn off a Jeep Cherokee's engine as it drove, increasing concerns about the safety of Internet-connected vehicles. The researchers used Fiat Chrysler's ( ) telematics system to break into the Cherokee being driven on the highway and issue commands to the engine, steering and brakes.

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    2. Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer electric scooter revealed

      Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer electric scooter revealed

      Volkswagen is preparing to launch a new three-wheeled electric scooter as part of plans to extend its operations into new mobility fields. Revealed here in a series of official photographs for the first time, the new scooter has been developed under the internal working name Last Mile Surfer – a title Wolfsburg officials suggest will be brought to the production version of the foldable device. The Last Mile Surfer is claimed to weigh 11kg.

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    3. Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars

      Firewalls can't protect today's connected cars

      The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu once wrote, "What is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy. " The automobile industry needs to follow Sun Tzu's advice to secure increasingly connected vehicles from hackers, according to experts. Instead of building firewalls to keep cyber attacks out, which industry watchers say is ultimately a futile endeavor, build systems that recognize what a security breach looks like in order to stop it before any real damage is done.

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    4. Matt Prior's tester's notes - modern road testing just got easier

      Matt Prior's tester's notes - modern road testing just got easier

      When wizened former road testers see the modern data logging equipment we use to test cars, they’re prone to stroking their beards and telling us how easy we have it. I won’t admit it to them, dear reader, but I will to you: sometimes they have a point. There was a time when obtaining road test performance figures was a bit of a faff, mostly because of the equipment involved.

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    5. The scariest thing about the Chrysler hack is how hard it was to patch

      Chrysler is having a bad week. On Tuesday, Wired published a fantastic and gripping report detailing an open vulnerability in Chrysler's UConnect system, allowing attackers to take control of transmission, brakes, or even steering. There was already a patch available when the article was published, but because cars required physical updates, most cars hadn't received it. Today, Chrysler upped the ante, asking 1.4 million cars to report to dealerships or install a patch mailed out over USB.

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    6. How Worried Should You Be About Your Car Being Hacked?

      How Worried Should You Be About Your Car Being Hacked?

      Your vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) nightmares became reality this week, thanks to security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. They’ve been able to completely take over a Jeep Cherokee via the chip that provides cellular and wireless connectivity. Miller and Valasek plan to release a paper on their work and present it at the Black Hat conference, which focuses on digital security issues, in August.

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    7. Encrypted Signal Transmission with AUTOSAR in a CAN-FD Network

      Encrypted Signal Transmission with AUTOSAR in a CAN-FD Network

      Media reporting about vehicle manipulation [1, 2] raises the question of whether data in the vehicle network can actually be influenced by manipulation. Can a manipulated device or internally implanted device with a remote control function influence vehicle behavior? And what countermeasures can be taken to prevent such manipulation? Today’s vehicles are highly complex systems, which consist of networked sensors and actuators and continually transmit important data over bus systems.

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    8. Will Cruise Automation Let You Upgrade Your Dumb Car to Supersmart Status?

      Will Cruise Automation Let You Upgrade Your Dumb Car to Supersmart Status?

      Big companies have to pick their fights carefully if they want to retain the most profitable parts of their business. IBM showed how not to do this back in the 1980s, when it kept the PC hardware and let Bill Gates take control of the software—a centibillion-dollar blunder. The big auto companies understand the danger of being, as they say, disintermediated. So, every time a technology emerges from the lab they decide whether to keep it close or cast it to their far-flung suppliers.

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    9. GM Technology Could Automatically Adjust Driver Settings in Any Car

      Many households have more than one car. A couple generally brings the number to two and older kids potentially up that number to three or four. Although one of those cars likely is the go-to car for each person, there are times when family members have to drive each other’s cars and it’s a pain to adjust all the settings for a new driver. GM has plans to eliminate that problem.

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    10. Daimler says hacking concerns drive Nokia maps bid

      In a call to discuss second-quarter results, Zetsche was asked whether he was concerned about hacker attacks on Mercedes-Benz cars. "You can see from reading the papers that we are trying to acquire a platform together with our German competitors, to gain control over the platform which enables autonomous driving, for exactly these reasons," Zetsche said. "We have the goal of designing security into the software.

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    11. Car hack: Here are all the ways hackers can get inside a car

      Car hack: Here are all the ways hackers can get inside a car

      There is a dark side to internet-connected cars. While consumers anxiously await Apple’s rumored foray into the car business and Google’s driverless cars, two security researchers drew considerable attention (paywall) this week for demonstrating how easy it was to hack into a Jeep Cherokee and remotely take control of the vehicle—even while someone was driving.

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    12. Car Glows Along with Driver's Heartbeat

      Car Glows Along with Driver's Heartbeat

      Auto shows are great for getting a glimpse into the future of the car market but, unfortunately, the coolest, most imaginative, most innovative concepts and designs often remain on the drawing board. Indeed, the automotive industry is a tough business and there’s only a small segment of the market willing or able to splurge on limited-production ultra-luxury cars. So, here are six futuristic concept cars we wish we could buy right now.

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    13. Car brakes 'can be hacked via radio'

      Car brakes 'can be hacked via radio'

      Several car infotainment systems are vulnerable to a hack attack that could potentially put lives at risk, a leading security company has said. NCC Group said the exploit could be used to seize control of a vehicle's brakes and other critical systems. The Manchester-based company told the BBC it had found a way to carry out the attacks by sending data via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio signals. It coincides with news of a similar flaw discovered by two US researchers.

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